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What would you do if you knew your days were numbered? I mean, really numbered, in the single digits. Would you give up? Or would you keep fighting, even if it seemed hopeless, on the chance that you could make a difference for those who came after you? Now available for wish-listing on Steam, The Last Stand: Aftermath is an all-new, standalone single-player rogue-like zombie adventure from Con Artist Games, the creators of The Last Stand series of games. Learn more about The Last Stand: Aftermath and wishlist it on Steam!

In The Last Stand: Aftermath, players start the game already infected with the undead virus, and about to be exiled from their walled-off, post-apocalyptic community. They’re given basic supplies and a car to strike out and see if they can make a difference before the virus takes hold. Gathering fuel and other supplies to travel from one location to the next across the map, players will need to fight, sneak, and explore in order to find and craft the items they need to survive.

But whether they die from the hostile undead roaming the surrounding landscape or the infection in their veins, they *will* die… allowing the player to start a new journey with a new infected character, taking advantage of the progress of their predecessor, and hopefully making it even farther than before.

The Last Stand: Aftermath will launch first in Early Access with limited content, allowing the developers to work with the community to balance and tweak the experience, and will receive several planned major content updates in the coming months, culminating with the finale, which will allow players to learn the truth behind the apocalypse and the outbreak that began it. We’re excited to support Con Artist Games in making this the biggest adventure in their series to date. We hope you’ll wishlist The Last Stand: Aftermath on Steam, and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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